We made our way over to Lynchland after a quick hop in the shower and some dressing for the day ahead. We were on time for once and no one was even awake; finally everyone was up and we dug through our stockings to find candy and goodies among other fun presents. Then it was breakfast and finally time for opening the presents that filled the living room. Tyler's family always takes turns, youngest to oldest. Santa went all out this year and got Tyler a purple Nintendo 3DS and a Brother sewing machine for me. After all the gift opening had been had, we made our way to Duncanville for more Christmas surprises: movies, candy, jackets, home essentials and watches. Not to mention (or to mention) Tyler got a whole slew of Superman paraphernalia including these socks that feature little red capes on the back. Once we had chilled there for a bit eating lunch and watching Lion King with Duncan, the trek was made back to Lynchland for a turkey dinner with apple pie for dessert. Tyler and I returned to our apartment for a little Christmas time to ourselves. The night ended finding out that the Cramers would not be making the pilgrimage from Las Vegas to Salt Lake in the morning. Boo; I guess there is always next year.

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