I woke up this morning to a subtle snowfall and traveled to work in all its wetness. I only had a half day for work and ended up not even needing to be there that long. I left a little early only to find myself driving slower than a slug in all this wintery white. I tried running some last minute errands, but ended up being on the road during the worst part of the blizzard. I came home and started right on baking up a storm for some fun treats that my lactose intolerant sister could indulge in for this festive day. Tyler left work earlier than he planned as well and finished running my errands while I baked and the storm calmed. We finally made our way over to Duncanville for a Christmas Eve event involving salmon, cake and pie. Toward the end of the evening we left for Orem to meet up with Tyler's family at his grandparents' house. We played cards and ate ice cream. We then had the idea to go back to Lynchland for the sibling gift exchange; Nicole would be off work by midnight and it was already eleven. We made our way back to Sandy, waited until 1:30 AM for her arrival and then got our gift exchange on. Tyler got jumper cables and an iPhone cover from Peter, I got an H&M gift card from Tyler's dad, Tyler gave Matt an intestine pillow, and I tricked Peter with my gift by wrapping a tiny box with a picture drawn of the place his real present was hidden… Community Season 3.

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