Due to all my late nights this week, I was given permission to leave work early today. I finally got the catalogue sent off, but another project arose making it difficult to leave any earlier than the regular work day…boo. I came home and slept a bit and then traveled to my parents' house for a spot of practicing for that number we are performing on Sunday. We then made a quick trip to Tyler's parents' to drop off some things. While there, we noticed a letter for Tyler and soon came to find out it was from Tyler himself… ten years ago. He wrote it for his sophomore English class and his teacher sent it along. It is interesting to read how his fifteen-year-old self perceived his future. It reads:

Dear Tyler,

Were you surprised to receive a letter from yourself in the future? Thanks to new technology, people these days are now able to send a letter to their former sleves! Rules are very specific, though, as the future could be drastically altered if we aren't very careful about the contents of these letters. So how are you? Of course, I guess I already know, since I was there in the tenth grade. I know that it isn't the easiest thing in the world, but hang in there! It will all pay off someday!

You have been doing very well! You graduated from high school with a GPA of a 3.8, and took a year of college at the University of Utah. Afterwards, you took a short break from schooling to serve a successful mission in Sao Paulo, Brazil. When you returned, you continued college and graduated with a 4.0. I am now taking classes in medical school, so that I can soon fulfill that dream of ours to become a pediatrician.

If you haven't already, you will soon be letting go of the paper route that you share with your brother and sister and get a 'real job'. After you work at Macey's for a while, you will go on your mission and take a break. When you get back and continue college, you will get a job selling books at Barnes and Noble. Until I finish medical school, I think I will continue to rely on my wife as a main source of income. 

On June 20th, 2010, I was married to a wonderful woman named Mary Jones, who is a year younger than I am ad has a job working at home that pays very well. I now have one child, Zachary, age 1, and another child due in seven months. We live in a small house, thatnks mostly to Mary's income, but it's just right for four, so we can't wait for the new arrival to fill up the house! We are very happy together!

As you got older, Tyler, achieving more and more of your goals, you only became kinder, smarter, more considerate, funnier, and happier. These qualities are in you now and you should try to tap into them as often as possible; they are very handy and help in almost every situation! Keep up the good work, be persistent (I know you wil!) and learn to not procrastinate (I know you won't!)!!!

Well, Tyler, I've told you just about all I can without harming the future, so I must conclude. You have an exciting future ahead of you, and it only gets better from here! Enjoy life while it's here; it seems that I was you only yesterday. As the world speeds by around you try to slow down and enjoy it all.

With love,


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