Tyler and I had both taken work off today for the planned intent that both of my sisters would be in town and the whole day would be devoted to the whole Duncan clan being together once again. Last night we found out that the Cramers would not be coming due to sick children and stormy weather. This morning we found out that the Rich family was sick as well; did I mention today is also my mother's birthday? It was not shaping up to be as great as we had planned. We had a late start this morning and an even later one due to the fact that we locked ourselves out of our apartment for a half hour while it lightly snowed around us. After being let in by our landlord, the first errand of the day was made to the DMV to finally get my license renewed. Once that was taken care of we met up with my parents, Aubrey and her boyfriend Jordan for a trip to Subway and the Utah Museum of Natural History. The Rich family was able to meet us there, even though Duncan and Bob were feeling subpar. We saw bones, bugs and relics of every kind. The evening continued with Aubrey and Jordan making everyone Chinese at my parents' house and a long overdue sibling gift exchange where Tyler got a Gameboy iPhone cover and I got an etsy envelope clutch. After the Rich family left, the remaining three couples played a hilarious round of boys against girls Catch Phrase. Happy birthday Mom!

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