Oh, Monday.  After work I went to the eye doctor. I took that horrible test where he asks you 'better, worse or the same' and you panic and get flustered and need time to think it over… who can make such a snap decision like that? It makes me laugh, but also, it's not my favorite thing. Apparently my eyes have gotten slightly better, so I am to try out a lesser prescription of contacts this week and see how it goes (you know, don't run anyone over while on the road and such). So, for the rest of the week my glasses are retiring to the bathroom drawer; they shall be missed on those mornings when I am dashing out the door. He also did the glaucoma test where he puts the bright, sticky yellow drops in your eye (note the yellow-stained and wadded up kleenex in my hand).

Side bar: my family has been going to this doctor ever since I can remember and he just realized today that I don't have any brothers… ha ha. I laughed super hard… in my mind… and right now while typing this.

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