Tonight I am debating what to change up with my hair. I am in dire need of a trim (cough cough Megan) and I cannot wait for my belated straightener of a present to come from my mother oh so very soon. WARNING: DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU ARE MEDICALLY SQUEAMISH. As I was changing into my pajamas I noticed some green and brown smears on the stomach area of my clothing. I looked down at my belly button (which has been hurting me for a couple of weeks, but I didn't think too much of it, dumb belt) and noticed a black thing poking out. I panicked and my mind jumped immediately to some bug burrowed deep into my navel. I shouted for Tyler and he came and got the tweezers. I closed my eyes expecting it to hurt quite terribly, when in fact I didn't feel a thing when he said he was done. I looked down and it looked like some sort of pod. We smashed it open and it ended up being hair, pus and skin all balled into one. Tyler painfully took a q-tip to my belly hole and blood came out. Awesome. Tomorrow I shall try to get into a doctor. Thank goodness it wasn't a bug. Oh heavens to Betsy thank goodness it wasn't a bug.

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