This morning my belly button was hurting more than ever; it was super red and tender. I got to work, ate breakfast and immediately became nauseous. The day progressed and it only got worse; I called my mom and got a doctor's appointment for later in the afternoon. The day dragged on until 2:30 and I dashed to the doctor's office to get some remedies. Tyler and I waited for the doctor for over an hour and once we finally got in he accused me of having done something stupid: apparently he thought that I had an infection from a belly button ring. Once I lifted my shirt, he realized I had no piercing there and then became concerned. He took one look at it, wrote me some prescriptions and sent us on our merry way in just under 5 minutes. Uh, okay, no swabbing, no testing, no follow up… it really was a weird visit. But I now have an antibiotic and some ointment to help me on the mend.

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