We slept oh-so-very-nicely in today and got ready in the afternoon for a last hurrah before returning to work tomorrow. We watched some much needed television and I even introduced Tyler to the lovely restaurant, Barbacoa. Have you ever had their wrapped tacos? A hard shell and a soft shell melded together with the perfect amount of cheese—just scrumptious. Before completely returning home, we stopped off at the grocery store for some last minute necessities before the craziness of the week set in. During our mad dash, we came upon the newly-stocked Valentine's aisle. Tyler offered to buy me these chocolates as an early Valentine's gesture, mostly because I will be on my diet during that time. Isn't he the sweetest (and how great is his shirt)? How else did we spend the rest of our day you may ask? Why finishing our wedding thank-yous of course! To make a long story short, they all came back to us, so we had to re-send them in bulky envelopes to ensure their delivery. Oh, well, better late than never…

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