Some pretty exciting things have been happening at work. I'm 90% sure that one of my very best graphic designer friends will be hired at my company soon (cross your fingers everyone). So when my creative manager pulled me into a nearby office to chat, I thought it was about the status of the new hire. Before I knew it she was telling me how great of a job I had been doing through all the changes and massive work load and ended with those ended with those four sweet little words: you. got. a. raise. I was ecstatic the rest of the day; last time something major happened at my job I got Chinese for Tyler to break the news. I got home and danced around as I cleaned the apartment for his arrival (I even snapped some happy faces and posted that I had news waiting for Tyler on Facebook/Instagram; everyone thought I was pregnant). Things didn't go according to plan and somehow Tyler beat me home so I made him wait in the bedroom while I hand-lettered the announcement. I'm still grinning from ear to ear; it's not a huge raise, but it's a great accomplishment. And I believe I've created a terrific tradition; Chinese, you can do no wrong.

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