I completely adore art exhibits; luckily I found a man that can tolerate them enough to attend them with me. I also snagged quite the keeper because he surprised me greatly tonight with two tickets to an exhibit I have been wanting to see all winter: Da Vinci The Genius at The Leonardo downtown. I LOVE all those Renaissance classics, but especially Da Vinci. Tyler surprised me by making a card with a drawing of the Mona Lisa on the front and a drawing of the Vitruvian Man on the inside along with two hand-drawn tickets to the show. It took me forever to even see the envelope waiting for me on the coffee table when I got home from work. I think I did at least four chores before I even noticed. My very favoritest part was that the love letter was sealed with a Perry the Platypus sticker—he knows me so well. The exhibit was amazing with all of Da Vinci's inventions life-sized, works of art and a special installment of the dissection of The Mona Lisa using an infrared camera. We finished the night exploring the the other exhibits showing in the upper levels (I could have stayed there all night).

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