Do you want to know the reason I have been so stressed at work? This darn little thing that has been haunting my dreams and terrorizing my work days: the Miche Spring 2013 Catalogue. We finally sent it to print a couple of weeks ago and the printer brought in the finished product today. Of course as soon as it is received, everyone delves into it and immediately finds errors, typos and issues of all sorts. This catalogue was a beast; each of the two graphic designers I work with had massive projects of their own to take care of, so I was dubbed the keeper of the catalogue. In turn, every error, typo, color correction and photo issue felt like they were all personally my fault. But, as I have been told many times today, I cannot take them personally. The next one will be better, we can only learn from these mistakes, it's not really your fault… blah blah blah. On a lighter note, here is my favorite spread (Do you notice anything different? We mixed the sizes and I love it).

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