I ordered a couple of things online just after Christmas because there were some killer deals on a few things I've had my eye on. One of them was this lovely clearance pair of suede heels from shoemint.com. I couldn't decide on a color, but when I opened up the box (lovely packaging, by the way) I could not have been more ecstatic at what lay before me. They are extremely high, but the strap is a great reinforcement for balance. I swooned at the details and I even noticed how greatly they'll compliment a new fuchsia sweater I found super marked down at Target. The box awaiting my arrival on the porch after work was such a pleasant surprise to this mundane Tuesday.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: +3.75; I gained a total of 7.75 pounds from the beginning of December to now. Not bad, considering I didn't try very hard. Time to get back on the horse though.

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