Happy Australia Day! Tyler had to go to work today and I seem to have woken up quite sick this morning with every cold symptom in the book (except coughing, thankfully). After sleeping more of the day away, I got a text from my dear cousin Nikki asking if they could come for a visit, but alas I was pretty sick and Tyler was at work. One texting conversation later it was decided that they would make the drive up (they even offered to bring us dinner from Zupas and they did; they are our very best friends). It was also decided that it would be a surprise for Tyler that they would be making the visit. He came home late from work and as soon as he walked in I blasted Men At Work's Down Under. Then Nikki and Spencer jumped out holding Jade and Tyler's didgeridoo and boomerang that he brought home from his mission. Tyler and Spencer then went to the grocery store to pick up some very Australian drinks: ginger beer (my new favorite) and peachees while we watched The Lorax. Tyler tried to find Tim Tams—another Australian favorite—last night and the nearest place they were sold was Idaho Falls, boo. Turns out Nikki and Spencer tried to look for them to surprise us, but had no luck. That's okay, we just topped the night off with some fairy bread—another dessert only known to Australians.

NOT-SO-FUN FACT: Exactly one year ago today Tyler was in his car accident. Glad that's behind us and that he is so safe and sound.


  1. Hey,

    Is Ginger Beer good? I have been wondering that for a while now. Actually, 2 months, but it feels like a while so if you want to answer promptly that would really ease my nerves. We all know what happens when I get stressed.


    1. I love it (Tyler is surprised how much I like it, but I have really grown to love ginger root this passed year)! It has quite the bite to it; it's way stronger than ginger ale. You should try it, but don't let it go flat, it gets pretty gross.