Conference Sunday tradition is to wake up and enjoy the first session of General Conference at home and then go to Grandma and Grandpa Duncan's house for lunch and proceed to watch the second session together. We arrived to find my uncle Dale and his family, Nikki and Spencer, and my aunt Kaylynne and uncle Don. I brought a salad and Aubrey brought cake pops; my grandma had never had one before and she was quite intrigued. This was the first time we spent Conference Sunday without my Grandpa Duncan. It was a bit strange; in years past he would always ask us what our thoughts were on what had been said by the leaders of our church. Then he would go on to give such a profound insight on an overall theme he had observed and blow your mind with his wisdom. When we first arrived, I was in the entryway with my grandma and she pointed to a photograph on her buffet and said, "This is what I think he looks like right now." It was an old black and white photograph of my grandpa in his late 20's looking as handsome as ever. I turned to her with a smile to see her eyes welled up with tears. We embraced, crying, and both expressed how much we miss him; she is a wonderfully strong woman and I am proud to be a descendant of this beautiful 92-year-old.

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