Today in celebration for one of our co-workers we dressed all in white, wore white leis and had white decorations. The joke was that she is married to an ethnic man and between her white family, white dogs and white cats, he always says he's surrounded by white. She definitely got a kick out of it when she walked in and saw the decorations. By lunchtime I was feeling quite queasy and decided to stay behind from the birthday lunch (even smells were getting to me). By mid-afternoon I couldn't take it and decided to work the rest of the day from home. Day one of Choctober is done and it was harder than we thought: Tyler usually eats chocolatey cereal in the morning, grabs a granola bar for the road (which has chocolate in it) and when he is feeling like he needs a push at work to get him through, he has a cup of hot cocoa. Dear me. Also, once my co-workers got back from lunch, Caroline brought me back a mint chocolate brownie (my absolute favorite) unaware of my upset stomach. On my way home I dropped of the brownie to my parents' house with a note to my dad saying happy early birthday.

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