Holy jam-packed day Batman! We started out the day over at Lynchland for lunch and it was packed from then on out. Mind you it was an authentic Hawaiian lunch provided by a young girl in the Lynches' neighborhood (and her family) who is fundraising with yummy island-food-making talents (um, yes please). After that we went to a matinee of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 and boy howdy was it a side-splitting cinematic experience. After that we made the short trek over to the local Burger King, for today they were giving away free satis-fries—they're just crinkle-cut fries, but they're still delicious. After dinner and a hilarious encounter with those robotic drink machines it was time for some Desert Star delight. They were showing The Hungry Games (how appropriate) where I saw a co-worker before the show and Nicole interacted with the cast more than once. That's what you get when you sit on the front row. Show after show, meal after meal, I wish every Saturday was this jam-packed with goodness and laughs.

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