Tonight was Tyler's mission reunion up in Salt Lake City. His mission president and his wife were gone last year, living back in Australia, and ended up having a sort of impromptu reunion while I was in Nashville that summer, so I haven't seen them since our wedding. It was so good to see them; I love talking to them and hearing their praises of Tyler and what an amazing missionary and assistant he was. On more than one occasion both President Scruggs and Sister Scruggs, separately, pulled me aside and told me an instance in which they relied on/admired Tyler while he was out in the field. Both tonight and the first time I met him, President Scruggs told me that Tyler was his favorite missionary, even though he's not supposed to have favorites. I just beam with gladness at what a catch I've snagged to spend the rest of time with. Also, tonight Sister Scruggs made the most amazing chocolate cookies (according to everyone that walked into the kitchen), so we snatched up two to put into our freezer to enjoy come November.

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