Last week I emailed my sisters wondering if they would like to go in on a little idea I had for my pop's big ol' 57th birthday. This photo was taken at Aubrey's wedding this summer and I completely adore it! We don't really have a recent photo of just the four girls and my parents; I also love our faces and the joy that exudes from this captured moment. In the email I asked if anyone would want to go in on getting this printed up big and framed for our dad's office. Everyone agreed. Over the weekend I had another brilliant (last-minute) idea to do a virtual birthday card for him since my siblings and their families are scattered about the country. My new brother-in-law loves to put movies together and I knew everyone had some sort of video camera, so we filmed our thoughts and love for our dad (you can see it here). Tonight he opened the picture and watched our little film (he teared up which was the sweetest thing ever). I love you Dad and I hope your birthday was as great as we hoped it would be.

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