I like to think that Tyler and I have pretty great taste; we've made it a goal to have a slight homage in our house, one way or another, to all the nerdy things we're into. (Parks & Rec, facial hair, LOST, Spongebob, Robots, etc.) A couple of months ago we came across a kick-starter project that one of my new favorite illustrators was participating in. He was offering nerdy Nintendo prints exclusively through this kick-starter for thenerdybomb.com—we just couldn't pass them up. It was a bit of a larger package, but it came with great perks: they threw in an extra print of Nintendo villains at the last minute and we got to choose two magnet/button packs. We now have homages to Harry Potter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Aren't they so cute? We got them in the mail over the weekend and we had plum forgot about them because it has been so long. One day I'll blog about our Nintendo prints… that is, when we have wall space to tack them up.

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