This morning I woke up to an impromptu invitation to a dinner with the girls tonight at Texas Roadhouse after work. It was instigated by Stephanie with other invites extended to Mandy, Megan, and Becca. I hesitated to go because Tyler and I have made a pact that we would not spend money on eating out until 2014. I ended up going, since just because I'm not eating doesn't mean I can't enjoy the company and the free bread and water. I showed up after an optometrist appointment nearby and ended up still beating everyone. Megan didn't end up coming, but the company was still great. Stephanie was so kind to offer part of her gift card to pay for a meal for me. I ate the sides but saved half of my pulled pork to share with Tyler. At home I got straight to work on turning the pork into a delightful pulled pork sourdough sandwich with sweet potato fries. Tonight while we (he) dined we read something on the internet about not eating chocolate for the whole month of October… Choctober. We decided, for some reason, to give it a try. No chocolate and no eating out? Tyler and I are in for some real self discipline.

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