Conference was amazing today; we missed part of it because Tyler had a group meeting in the morning for school and I overslept. We did watch the second session while making waffles (a B&T tradition), and since we aren't eating chocolate, we put vanilla pudding and strawberries on them—a new favorite for sure. In the evening we went over to Lynchland for a quick meal of spaghetti and meatballs before the men were off to the priesthood session. Nicole didn't have to work for once, so the girls went out for a treat: Yogurt Stop on Highland Drive by Ream's—best. place. ever. Like many other places, they had frozen yogurt and ice cream and you could pick your mix-ins, but the thing that floored me was that they have boba drinks. I haven't had one of these since we were in Cabramatta and Tyler took me to Happy Cup. Suzanne was so kind to treat me with this drink and I am still reeling that we have boba drinks here (apparently Ocean Mart in Sandy has them too; what?!) right in my very own backyard. After the session the boys went to the traditional B&D Burger for fries and shakes and took my dad along with them. Tyler got a blueberry cheesecake shake and brought some home to share. When the men arrived at Lynchland, we girls were hard at work getting Nicole's quilt ready to be pieced together. Quilting is fun, but it sure involves a lot of math—boo.

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