This morning Tyler and I went to the temple to help us receive a prompting for this big decision we have ahead of us. It was quite packed, but I think it helped me sway a bit to one decision over the other. After the temple, Tyler went straight to work and I went to Lynchland to discuss some potential help with a certain anniversary gift for Tyler. They fed me and we visited a bit, and then I decided it was time to get home and get some things done. On my way home I had a missed call from my mom telling me that there was something wrong with Aubrey. I called my mom back repeatedly and of course expected the worst when she didn't answer. I got home and settled in a bit and then got a call back; Aubrey had a gland in her bum become infected and she had to have fluid drawn from it. Apparently it was A LOT of fluid and the poor girl had been in the hospital all day. My mom and dad came and picked me up and we delivered dinner to her and Jordan. I say welcome to the club because it seems like we Duncan girls contract some of the weirdest mini health problems. Can you say belly button infection?

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