I left work a bit early to go and get my flu shot from my mom's pharmacy. As I waited for the pharmacist to administer the shot, I chatted it up with my mom. She told me that there had been a super sale on pizzas on Halloween and she went a little crazy. So crazy, in fact, that she had too many pizzas for her three freezers—they had pizza coming out of their ears! She told me that, as a Halloween present to Tyler and me, she wanted me to go and pick some pizzas. I ended up leaving with eleven pizzas! I then drove over to Lynchland for a little party; their ward fall social was at seven and they invited Tyler and me along. Tyler had to work tonight so I went along solo and enjoyed a delightful dinner and a wonderful message from my childhood stake president's twin sister. She talked about President Hinckley's nine BEs and in turn inspired me to hang them somehow in our home to see them everyday.

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