Unfortunately Tyler and I could only get Thanksgiving and our anniversary off this week, so it was back to work for us. Tyler started the day with a job interview; on Wednesday he had an e-mail from the University of Utah Hospital saying he got an interview, but it was a virtual interview… It was like a Skype session to nobody; there would be a question, he had 30 seconds to prepare, then two and a half minutes to record his answer. I know Tyler would LOVE to transfer to the U, and how exciting if we both got new jobs this year. After his job interview he swung by Lynchland to get some leftovers for him and me to enjoy during lunchtime. Tyler headed to Miche with food and Jade because I had promised my co-workers that I would bring Jade in before I left. Cassie and I were basically the only ones in, so she played with Jade while we ate delicious leftovers. Tyler then went to work and I finished out the day in a silent office. In the evening we went to Lynchland for Friday Pie Day, the day the Lynches set aside each year to devour all the pies they look forward to all Thanksgiving but are then too full to eat after dinner, and we enjoyed another late night LOST and Candy Crush party.

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