Today was our two-year anniversary! Can you believe it?! Tyler had a massive exam this morning even though we both took work off to celebrate. After his test we decided to take his car in to get inspected and I had to go take a urine test to get drug tested for the Utah Jazz. It took two hours and three tries, but I finally passed the test! We went and picked up his car, complete with four new tires, and ate our traditional anniversary pretzel bites from the mall. (While running some errands between our wedding and reception, we picked some up; they are always a lovely reminder of how amazing that whole day was when we go back year after year.) Then it was time to open presents: Tyler got me a shirt, jacket, and scarf from Forever 21, and a beautiful pearl necklace from the same jeweler where he bought my wedding ring. I had a surprise all lined up for Tyler, but it didn't end up working out, so we decided that we would just do some shopping at H&M. As we were leaving, the present I had lined up was in a plastic bag on our doorknob and Tyler held it up puzzledly. I squealed, grabbed the bag, and ran into our room to hide it (it still needed some work done on my end). Now that we didn't need to go to H&M, we drove to Texas Roadhouse instead and had the biggest meal of our lives. This is the man I am bound to forever and I couldn't think of a better person to have hilarious adventures with. What a perfect day!

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