We slept in a bit, but not too late because Tyler had to go to work and I wanted to Skype with my sisters before it got too late in the day. My sister Sara, who lives in Sacramento, took a flight to Maryland to spend a week with my sister Tiffany while her husband was away on business. It was so fun to talk to them with all their kids in the same room (they looked pretty tired—I'm sure the time zone difference wasn't helping). While we chatted with them we ate a very chocolatey brunch to the celebrate the ending of Choctober. We had gluten-free chocolate cookies in the freezer from Tyler's mission reunion, as well as kid's meal Frosties from our temple date and some much anticipated Tim Tam slams from all our Australian goodies. Tyler soon left for work and my sisters and I spoke of crafting, holidays, and sewing. They had some crafts in mind that they planned to do while spending the week together, and I showed them this fabric that I intend to use to upholster the chair that goes with the desk Sara gave me. Tyler had a very difficult night at work, but it was nothing that a clean house and a strict regimen of couch-sitting and movie-watching couldn't fix.

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