This morning I missed a call while I was getting ready. Tyler rushed the phone to me, but I still had missed it. I listened to the voicemail and it was the art director from the Utah Jazz needing to talk to me as soon as possible. I called him back and he said that they wanted to offer me the job! That quickly?! I began to freak out a bit, but luckily Tyler was there to help me keep my cool. I asked if I could have the weekend to think it over and he graciously agreed. Once I was off the phone, Tyler congratulated me excitedly, but I was still unsure whether I should accept! Tyler told me to work the day normally and just weigh both options all day, and we would celebrate in the evening. Work was difficult—difficult to not share this exciting news with anyone; difficult not to ask for their advice as friends without them thinking of me as a traitor. Tyler did chores all day (mostly cleaning out Jade's cage, which is a daunting task in itself) and then we picked up the Chinese food. I love our little tradition of celebrating raises/job offers with an Asian buffet and I love that it is finally the weekend.

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