Today was a really hard day. I called the Utah Jazz in the morning and told them I would like to accept their offer, and we went over all the things that would need to happen leading up to my first day there. I was a little late getting to work because of this call. I got in and I could tell that it had already been a rough day for my department, especially Caroline. I could tell it was bad timing to talk to her about quitting so I thought I would wait until after lunch. The day only got worse though, and I decided there wasn't really going to be a good time to tell her. I messaged her and asked if we could go chat somewhere. I felt like I was punching her in the gut, especially since she is leaving for Turkey in the morning, and by the time she gets back I will only have a little time left before I start with the Jazz. I felt like the ultimate jerk, but like the amazing person she is, she understood and said that it had just been a bad day. I walked slowly back to my desk and with a heavy heart told the rest of my team that I had just quit. The rest of today was a blur, but I am definitely going to miss these people. (Photo: a fortune I've had on my computer screen since my first official day here.)

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