One Christmas time ago, my mother gifted a voucher for my dad to take a ride in a glider plane in ol' Heber city. Today was the day that he cashed it in and brought us all along to see his flight. We rode to the Heber Municipal Airport in the morning with my parents, Aubrey, and Jordan. They gave us the grand tour and we were in awe of all the amazing (and nostalgic) things they had to show us. Tyler did a Google hangout with Sara's and Tiffany's families so they could join in the fun while I snapped photos of anything and everything to capture the day for my Dad. Aubrey and Jordan brought their Go-Pro to strap to my Dad's head while he rode in the glider plane. The best part was my Dad got to help fly the plane as he sat in the front cockpit and this nice man sat in the back cockpit. A larger biplane towed them up into the air and, once they were high enough, unhooked them for a thirty-minute ride. My parents bought us lunch afterwards and then we took the scenic route home. In the evening we invited over our dear friend Bryan to give him the Aussie goodies we brought back for him. He was there as a missionary with Tyler, so they brought back some fond memories. Later in the evening, Tyler and I were feeling mischievous and didn't want to go to bed. We hooked ourselves up to the Wii and successfully got a perfect score on the 150 CC All Cup Tour for Mario Kart Double Dash, which we have been struggling with for a long time.

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