After a much needed Skyping session with Tiffany and Steve tonight, Stephanie called me to tell me she was engaged. Now, this wasn't really news to me because we have been talking back and forth about this guy and their dating situation for a long time. They actually met back in June and the way things were looking we knew she'd be married by the end of the year (just like us; you try not to be "one of those Provo couples," but it's inevitable). So, it happened, officially… tonight! I was so ecstatic for her; so much so that we decided to meet them halfway for some yummy dessert at the Denny's in Lehi (because yes, he lives in Provo). We had a jolly old time and we are so happy for them. After the drive home, I started getting sicker. We were plum out of cough medicine, so we made a run to Macey's. While there we ran into Tyler's mom and sister and chatted it up with them in the ice cream aisle. We got home very late and I felt so sick that I fell right to sleep.

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