Well, I did it. I have officially sent off my resume and portfolio to Adobe; cross your fingers that I get it. I really hope I get it. My friend says I should know by next week. I am feeling pretty dumb though. I realized when I got home that I had made a mistake; I sent them a PDF with links in it so that the things that were animated (a video I have on vimeo.com and a couple of animated GIFs on our corporate site) could link out to the URL, but it turns out I sent them the one that didn't have it linked. Boo. Tonight, I was completely drained; between working, trying to get together this portfolio so quickly, and taking care of a sick Tyler, I was exhausted. Luckily, Tyler took care of me: he made me soft mashed potatoes for my sore throat and some yummy pudding to soothe the pain.

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  1. Does your friend work at Adobe? My cousin does too, so if you want me to try to get an extra good word in for you, let me know what position you applied for! :D (I'm hoping Jordan will get a job there too....)