So today was my lucky day; I finally got to cash in my birthday lunch with Suzanne. She told me we could go wherever I wanted. I am terrible at deciding where to eat because I want to try something new, but sometimes I fear I won't pick the right thing to try and end up wasting money on it. One thing I can count on liking no matter what is Italian, and I like to piggyback on other people's ideas, so I picked the place Tyler went for his birthday lunch: Buca Di Beppo. That place is a hoot and a holler of a crack-up when it comes to their decor—I loved it! Surprisingly, I wasn't very hungry (we didn't even get dessert, even though Suzanne was insistent), so I had plenty of leftovers for dinner. Thank you parents for birthing me in the summertime when everyone is too busy to celebrate, resulting in me getting plenty of belated birthday things; thank you Suzanne for the free food and free company; and thank you birthday for being all about giving me free things.

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