A couple of days ago the father of one of the boys in our nursery stopped by to give us a massive jar of his homemade pear sauce. We graciously thanked him and told him he didn't have to do that, but he insisted; he constantly thanks us for all we do in nursery. We are just doing what we've been asked to do by the Lord and we are really having the times of our lives. Today we had a lovely nursery, but sacrament meeting was a little crazy. There was a baby blessing, so the chapel was quite full and it was tough to find a seat. We thought we sat in an empty spot, but with fifteen minutes left in the meeting, a family of five (the same ones who brought this pear sauce by) came “back” in from the foyer and we unknowingly were in their spot. They weren’t mad or anything, but they just sat in the row in front of us. The only problem was that there was already a family of four sitting in front of us; they were just also currently all out in the foyer. The daughter of the family of four, Bella (who used to be in our nursery), came back in and tried to go to the row that she had been sitting on, then our row, then the row behind us, but they were all taken. She sort of stopped, confused, looked at us and said, “But where is my place?” It was funny, but we decided we were causing too much trouble, so we just spent the rest of the meeting in the foyer. Afterwards we left to go home, and who did we see way down the street all by herself but little Bella! Tyler handed me his scriptures and put those long legs to good use to go catch her; she was WAY far away from the church, almost past our apartments! He got to her and asked where she was going; she said, “I’m looking for my mom; I’m going HOME.” Apparently, she had had enough of waiting for her parents to finish chatting. We took her back to her mom at the church, who had just started getting frantic because she couldn’t find her. It was all very lucky; I’m glad we caught her.


  1. Ah! Scary!

    And hey, I never got pear sauce in nursery.... Joke's on them. I ate the goldfish crackers.

  2. your photos are breathtaking! you have such a way with the camera!
    ps. happy day i found your blog! xo

    1. Wow Jennie, Thanks! What a compliment—I'm glad you found my blog too :)