I was not feeling too great this morning and Tyler was pretty exhausted himself, so we pretty much rested and relaxed until the early evening. Around 6 p.m. we made our way over to Lynchland for dinner and the giving of all the Australian goodies we brought back for them. When we got there, however, Suzanne had taken Jason to the ER because he was having lung problems. We helped make dinner and then they got back. After dinner Jason went running (twelve miles, I might add), which I'm sure wasn't the greatest thing since he just got back from the ER, but nobody can talk him out of it. While we waited for him to get back, we watched some LOST to kill the time. I was not feeling super great, but Nicole did let me give her a shot of insulin—I felt so legit. Finally, Jason got back and we told them about our two weeks in Australia. Tyler's dad wanted the long version, so we gave a day by day account of all of our doings. Everyone was on their different devices, following along with the pictures we had posted on Instagram; it was quite comical. Finally, we were able to share all of the goodies and treats we brought back for them: 100s and 1000s Oreos, Cadbury chocolates, Crunchies, Milo, and Tim Tams.

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