Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that I might be working with a dear friend in the near future? Well today is the day! My dear friend Sydney moved back from Seattle for family reasons and needed to find a job. She saw that my work was hiring and pounced on the opportunity and now I can't believe my eyes, for I get to sit across from her every day. We went to Kneader's up the road to celebrate and finally catch up after a year or more. While in line I noticed another great face I had not seen for ages: Kyle Humphrey (apparently he is this awesome bigwig owner there; how cool is he?). We went to high school together and haven't seen each other since Ian's wedding, but that was a quick 'hello' and 'good-bye' as he was leaving and we were arriving. He gave me lunch on the house and I briefly caught up with him while I waited for my food. Later in the evening I drove to the point of the mountain to give some Miche merchandise to my cousin Kenny to give to his wife for Valentine's Day. I have not seen this guy in who knows how long. What a terrific day.

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