Today we got the coolest valentine from one of our very favorite pen pals: Mr. Cody Cramer. You see, for Christmas we got all of our nieces and nephews a pen pal kit, with the exception of the one niece and one nephew that are too young; they got some stuffed animals. Anyways, we secretly hoped that we would get more letters from them and it worked. Our hilarious nephew, Cody, sent us this valentine/thank you card. The envelope was decorated with hidden hearts and we had to find all ten before we opened it. I love that the dragon is holding the red folder 'pen pal' kit we gave him. I love getting snail mail, ESPECIALLY from a cool kid.

WEIGH-IN UPDATE: +9 lbs. Let's just say Valentine's Day did a number on my weight loss. I am now back up to 190 lbs, but you know what… it was worth it to have a reckless night with my husbandry.

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