In an effort to not cheat anymore—let's be honest, I haven't been super strict since Christmas—I have decided to be a little more accountable for my 'off the diet' eating. We have a calendar from the city of Murray that they send out every year filled with coupons and pre-filled events on each day. It's free and a great reference when we are trying to keep our schedules from double booking. I have started using it to track which days I cheat and which days I stay on track, as well as an added symbol for the days I work out. I have been stuck in the 180-190 range for the past three months and need to get my butt into gear. I am so determined, more than ever, to get off this diet before Tyler's birthday (May 1). Let's do this thing!

SIDE BAR: check out the city event for Valentine's Day… Toe Nail Clippings at the Heritage Center?

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