I have been waiting ever so patiently for my computer to arrive. I even received an email today with the tracking number and such notifying me that it was scheduled to arrive on President's Day. I have also been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Tyler's Valentine's Day card to arrive by post (I secretly had it sent to my parents' house) and was afraid it wouldn't be here in time. After work I rushed to my parents' house to see my parcel waiting on the porch. I didn't even go inside; I dashed to my car and made my way home. All the while Tyler had come home and found a little note on our door from the postman saying that there was a package waiting for us from California. Tyler knew right what it was and dashed to West Valley to surprise me—and that he did. Once he came home, he finished his homework while I wrote up his annual 'message in a bottle'. Soon it was time to make the rounds and gather our food for a night in of Hulu vegging on the couch with a candlelit someone-else-made-this-goodness dinner. On our way out, Tyler rushed to the car and backed out for me to get in, I opened the passenger door and this lovely package was waiting for me to gawk over for the remainder of the drive. We bought a 40-piece chicken nugget meal at McDonald's, 4 Beef and Cheddars from Arby's and a BBQ chicken pizza from Papa John's with breadsticks—don't judge. We didn't eat it all, of course, but we watched television, played Kirby's Return to Dreamland and exchanged cards. Funny thing about that: Tyler and I ordered the exact same card for each other. Aren't we just the cutest made-for-each-other couple you've ever seen?

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