This past year I have acquired so many dainty little necklaces that my dresser has not known what to do with them. I have a dress from on our dresser that holds all my super chunky necklaces, but these would get so tangled up in all that bulky mess that I have just laid them out flat on the dresser for ease. Lately they have been falling off and still managing to tangle with one another, so I decided to get creative tonight. For Christmas my mom gave us these cork mustache coasters; aren't they hilarious? So here are the DIY directions (like it's that difficult): command poster hangers on the back of the coasters, some sewing pins and a blank wall… ta-da!

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: -3.75 lbs. I am so close to being where I was before I started cheating hardcore in December. C'mon!

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