Today was basically a repeat of yesterday, only change out one model for the other and replace one location of shooting for three. We first shot at the canals, then we moved to a fisherman's dock off of Fisherman's Village and then ended the day at Fisherman's Village. By the end I was pooped, a tad grumpy and very ready to go home. We made our way back to the eclectic-confused house we stayed in, packed up our gear and headed to the airport. Caroline and I were in the same van and decided to make one more final stop before heading back to the ol' U T: Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. You may snark and turn up your nose, but son you are missing out. We also had a drink called 'the sunrise' that was basically the most amazing thing ever: fresh squeezed orange juice with fresh squeezed lemonade; for. reals. After the scrumptiously late dinner we found ourselves back on a flight to Salt Lake and landed just before midnight. Tyler picked me up and even had the house cleaned for my arrival. Poor guy was still recovering from my early morning take off and had to come pick me up from my late night landing. He's the best!

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