This day got off to quite the early start: breakfast, getting models into hair and make-up, prepping bags, going over shot lists not to mention keeping everyone on schedule. The morning went fairly smooth; we shot the entire day at Venice Beach. Some shots on the boardwalk, some on the beach and some in between. My job was to walk each model to the spot where Matt, our photographer, and Caroline, our art director, were setting up the shot from the van where Ashley, our stylist, dressed and accessorized the model. Tough job, I know. I sure got my walking in; this place is massive. We wrapped right on time and made it home before the sun set. After we went over all of the shots of the day on Matt's computer and made a plan for tomorrow, we made our way to a wonderful little Cuban place around the corner for dinner. How amazing was that food? Do the words 'plantain chips' for appetizers and 'sweet and spicy mango stir fry' for my entree ring a bell? Boy howdy, they rang my bell—I'm going to be full for days.

WEIGH-IN RESULTS: None, for obvious out-of-state reasons. Although, I am sure all of these exotic places my palate has been tasting aren't helping my waist-line. Until next week…

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