This is the front and side view of the battery in my MacBook Pro… it's one hundred years old in Apple years. Many moons ago the battery life in my computer went caput, as in it would die instantly if it were ever unplugged. Not a terrible problem; definitely a first-world one at that. For my birthday that year my father got me a brand spankin' new battery, one filled with computer juices to the brim. I could use it unplugged for hours on end. Then one day it began to bulge up into my trackpad making it quite difficult to accomplish much. That battery was retired and then it was back to being tethered to the wall with the old battery. Now-a-days it looks like this; I'm just glad that it is bulging out instead of in. Long story short, I think it's time for a new Apple member to be added to Lynchland numero dos.

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